What other benefits are available?

Using the strength in numbers of our 80,000 members, the AFM offers a vaiety of discounts on home, auto, life and instrument insurance. Local 257's Emergency Relief Fund has helped many of our members get through tough times of medical problems that prevent them from working. Local 257 also has a generous Funeral Benefit plan that protects our members and their families in the most difficult of times. The Union Plus organizatioon offers many discounts for products and services including car rentals, cellphone plans, and much more. We also offer our members free admission to Summer NAMM, discounts for tickets to the Nashville Symphony, performances at TPAC, admission to the Musicians Hall of Fame and more.


Hope this isn't a duplicate message...

I'm not planning to check out any time soon, but I've been working on my estate planning, and I was wondering what funeral benefit I would qualify for. As you know, I've been an AF of M member since the mid-60s, and I belonged here to Local 257 from 1971 to 1986 or so, then again from 2010 to the present. I think I got my Life Member letter last year. So, am I qualified for a funeral benefit, and if so, what is the amount? Thanks in advance for the information.

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Roger Bissell