About Us

The Nashville Musicians Association, AFM Local 257, was founded in 1902, and exists to serve and protect musicians in an increasingly challenging business environment. We represent studio musicians, touring bands, symphonic musicians, vocalists, arrangers, composers, contractors, and more. We negotiate and administer contracts, track additional uses of songs recorded under AFM union contracts, and represent musicians in all genres of music from jazz to rock, pop, bluegrass, gospel, and yes, country music. Our members range from music icons such as Vince Gill and Loretta Lynn, to young bands working their way up the ladder of success, and everything in between. Let us show you what we can do for you!

Local 257 Officers and Staff

Dave Pomeroy
Vince Santoro

Executive Board
Stephen Sheehan
Jerry Kimbrough
Andy Reiss
Laura Ross
Steve Hinson
Tom Wild 
Jonathan Yudkin

Sergeant At Arms
Steve Tveit


Office Manager
Laura Birdwell

Front Desk
Sarah Weiss
Dalaina Kimbro
Hearing Board
Michele Voan Capps
William "Tiger" Fitzhugh
Teresa Hargrove
Kathy Shepard
Kent Goodson
Dave Moody


Bruce Radek
Fletcher Biff Watson 

Recording Department
Steve Tveit
Christina Mitchell
Paige Conners

Live and Touring Department
Leslie Barr, Director
Sarah Bertolino - Member Coordinator and MPTF Administration

Shop Steward
Nashville Symphony - Kevin Jablonski