Signatory Information

Please refer to the Scale Summary for exact check amounts and the applicable rate sheets for exact scale amounts and terms.

For a complete list of all AFM 257 forms, agreements and contracts, click here.

What does "Signatory" mean? 

A signatory is an employer who has agreed to work with the union and has an agreement on file with the AFM or Local 257. Master recordings must use either the AFM Letter of Acceptance, or the AFM  Single Project Short Form, The AFM Letter of Acceptance requires a one-time payment of $100 and the fee goes to the Music Performance Trust Fund. The Single Project Short Form is free, but must be filed for each new project the employer does. A full signatory AFM employer will have to periodically report sales to the AFM, but won't be liable for any Special Payments Contributions until the record sells upwards of 30,000 units. The Local 257 Limited Pressing Agreement is free and is designed for independent and custom projects. 

All union sessions must have a signatory when the paperwork is filed. Demos contracts require that the timecard be signed at the bottom by a company representative. This ensures that the players will be paid in a timely manner and a pension payment will be made on each player's behalf. The Local 257 Recording Department has all the forms that you need and will provide them for you free of charge, of course.

Why Should You Become a AFM Signatory? 

Becoming a signatory enables the musicians who work for you to be properly compensated and receive the proper AFM Pension credit. It also protects you by carefully documenting all payments made so there is no confusion about who has been paid and how much. ALL recording agreements except demo REQUIRE a signatory before Pension contributions can be made and a contract properly executed. On a demo contract the employer MUST sign the bottom of the time card, which contains the demo agreement language on the back side if there are any questions. Remember, you cannot release a demo without become a signatory to one or more of our Agreements, such as Limited Pressing or Phono. Contact Heather at the Local 257 recording department at 615-244-9514 x 118 to find out more.