Do Not Work For List


The “Do Not Work For” list exists to warn our members, other musicians and the general public about employers who, according to our records, owe players money and/or pension, have failed to sign the appropriate AFM signatory documents required to make the appropriate pension contribution, or are soliciting union members to do nonunion work. When you work without the protection of an AFM contract, you are being denied all of your intellectual property rights, as well as pension and health care contributions. 




Tommy Sims dba Positive Movement Sims failed to pay musicians for an album he produced in 2008 and remains in violation of a 2012 court judgement ordering him to pay more than $300K owed to musicians for that project. Sims has only made two payments towards this debt, and continues to avoid his responsibility to this debt.

Legacy Band Live This organization, headed by Chris Stowe and based in Atlanta, is hiring musicians all over the country, but is not paying them as mutually agreed upon beforehand. Some musicians have been waiting to be paid for more than two months. Legacy Band Live makes partial and incomplete payments to some musicians, and apparently only pays those players who are engaged for subsequent engagements all they are owed. They have not responded to numerous respectful requests for payment, other than insisting they are “about to pay everyone,” which has not happened. They apparently take no responsibility for their actions, or inactions. Do not work for this organization. They do not pay their bills or treat musicians with respect.

Nashville Music Scoring /Alan Umstead  soliciting and contracting nonunion scoring sessions for TV, film and videogames. Musicians who work for this entity are being denied appropriate wages and all intellectual property rights.

Electronic Arts(EA) Steve Schnur - Commissioning and promoting nonunion videogame sessions and exploiting musicians' intellectual property rights for his own gain.

Listed below: Employers who owe musicians money and have thus far refused to fulfill their contractual obligations to Local 257 musicians

Terry K. Johnson/ 1720 Entertainment (unpaid contracts/unauthorized sales - Jamie O'Neal project)

Ed Sampson (producer) and Patrick Sampson (artist) multiple unpaid contracts/unauthorized sales

Revelator/Gregg Brown (multiple bounced checks/unpaid contracts)

Beautiful Monkey/JAB Country/Josh Gracin

Eric Legg & Tracey Legg (multiple unpaid contracts)

Rust Records/Ken Cooper  (unpaid contracts and pension)

HonkyTone Records – Debbie Randal (multiple unpaid contracts/pension)

Mike Barrios (unpaid live performance wages)



Jason Jones/JBT Events Sevierille, TN (short notice breach of contract without payment)

Knight Brothers/Harold, Dean, Danny and Curtis Knight

River County Band/SVC Entertainment (unpaid demo conversion/pension)



Comsource Media/Tommy Holland

Conchita Leeflang/Chris Sevier

Ricky D. Cook

FJH Enterprises

Matthew Flinchum dba Resilient

Jeffrey Green/Cahernzcole House

Randy Hatchett

Missionary Music

Jason Morales (pension/demo signature)

O Street Mansion

OTB Publishing (pension/demo signature)

Tebey Ottoh

Ride N High Records

Jason Sturgeon Music


We do not have signatory paperwork from the following employers — pension may have been paid in some cases, but cannot be credited to the proper musicians without a signatory agreement in place. If you can provide us with current contact info for these people, we will make sure you get your proper pension contribution for your work.

604 Records

Heaven Productions

Stonebridge Station Entertainment

The Collective