Sunny Shaddai and Afrokokoroot Afrobeat Ensemble

Contact Information:

Sunny Dada (818) 534-6357
Doug Gross (503) 863-1112


Afrokokoroot is a 12 piece world music group featuring Nigerian Sunny Dada on lead vocals and a colorful cast of instrumentalists and singers, including guitar, bass, drums, percussionists, dancers, and background singers. It is a very interactive musical experience that crosses all borders. In their own words, "The word "afro" means Africa-centric, "koko" means the epicenter of events, and "roots" simply tells you that everything about Africa revolves around what we do as a band."

Personnel / Instrumentation:

Sunny Dada - Vocals/Percussion, Alex Mayweather - Guitar, Joshua Cook - Drums, Grant Alan - Bass, John Lowrie- Keys, Tou Manigat-Chatman - Percussion, Leeya Gibbons - Backup Vocal/Dancer, Derrick Obanda - Backup Vocal/Dancer, Jakub Martin - Tenor Sax, Turner Hamilton - Alto Sax, Zach Tyler - Baritone Sax, Jonathan Skinner - Trumpet.