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Joe Turley I have several groups that play live music for a variety of events. Please go to: View Profile
Kent Goodson Solo Piano, Keyboards
Also available as Piano/Vocalist, Band situation.
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Badlands House Band Metal Cowboy - Lead Vocals, Guitar
D.C. Cothern - Lead Guitars, vox
Doc Purcell - Lead Guitars, vox
El' Diablo' - Bass, Vocals
The Rev' - Drums, vox
Dakota Scott - Keys, vox
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Audio Saints John Donahoe: Utility on fiddle, mandolin, guitar and saxophone plus vocals
Gary Pailer: Lead guitar and lead vocals
Aeron Long: Cajon and hand percussion
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The Dream Catchers Piano, Bass, Drums, Guitar, Female Vocal View Profile
Drums or Cajon if needed
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Steve Purcell Steve Purcell - Guitars / Mandolin / Vocals
available as side man for Live shows, Tours, Showcases,
Sessions (via online), Lessons (via skype),
Acoustic Solo act, playing your favorite Classic rock, country,
blues, & more.
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Chameleon Vickie Carrico..... Vocals.....Sheila Lawrence..... Vocals.....Dana McVicker..... Vocals.....Dan Justice..... Guitars and Vocals.........Ken Posey..... Keyboards, Trumpet, Vocals.....James P. Leach..... Saxophone ,Percussion.....Robert Green.....Bass Guitar, Vocals.....Bob Stamps.....Keyboards
Vic Mastrianni.....Drums
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Music City Big Band 4 Trumpets, 4 Trombones, 5 Saxes, Guitar, Piano, Bass, Drums, Vocalist, Bandleader View Profile
50 Shades of Hay fiddle, vocalist, mandolin, accordion, guitar upright bass, View Profile
Tim McDonald The Tim McDonald is comprised of piano, guitar, bass, drums, vocals and harmony vocals. The Tim McDonald Band is ever evolving with the Who's Who 1st call musicians. Tim performs all genres and focus's on Country, Red Dirt and Southern Rock. Tim also performs solo on his piano, duo with guitar and trio with piano bass and drums. The Tim McDonald Band is a perfect fit for any situation and musical needs from private parties to small rooms and main stages. View Profile
Nashville Yacht Club Band Ryan Link - vocals/utility (percussion, acoustic, saxophone)
Jay Barclay - guitar, bandleader
David Lukens - keys
John Pahmer - keys
Matt Wigton - bass
Ramsey Roustom - drums
Adam Smith - vocals
Courtney Elliott - vocals
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Afrokokoroot Sunny Dada - vocals/percussion, Doug Gross - guitar, Joshua Cook - drums, Grant Alan - bass, Adam Kirincich - keys, Tou Manigat-Chatman - percussion, Jonathan Skinner - trumpet, Bunmi Oboh - background vocals, shekere. View Profile